Современные реабилитационные технологии
Электронный научный журнал

Медицинские науки
Limanskij J.P., Guljar S.A., Samosjuk I.Z. 1

1. Institute of physiology it. А.А. Bogomoltsa, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine National medical academy after degree formation of P.L.Shupika, Kiev, Ukraine.


The summary. In the review the researches testifying are stated that components of traditional Chinese Chzhen-tszju of therapy have a material substratum. Their morphological, functional, physical characteristics of biofields a role of biophotons, and the theories explaining action by Chzhen-tszju are considered. The theory of an electromagnetic homeostasis in the form of functional system which supports optimum electromagnetic parameters of a live organism is presented and creates conditions for the organism adaptation to environment.

Keywords: Keywords: acupuncture, acupuncture points, channels, electromagnetic fields, a homeo-stasis, live матрикс.

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